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Eagle's nest Camp is Joint venture between A E Travels Pvt. Ltd. and APACETS

APACETS, an Arunachal based organization has realized that enormous economic & conservation potential of this area, we see a billion dollar industry flourishing in India & yet no one is looking towards EAST, There have been few attempts been done by local stakeholders to take things in their own hands but they have failed in major cases main reason was their inability to access the extensive promotion and marketing systems upon which tourism depends on.

The APACETS goal is to promote & provide local information to reach potential nature lover through the use of compelling marketing tools and channels. We want a link between remote potential destination with a potential tourist, and present them in a way that can convey the power and beauty of community-based heritage and nature tourism assets.

APACETS also understands the essentials to work with local shareholders to help them develop an understanding of the eco-tourism market and build the capacity to profit from it in a sustainable way.


  • Conserve some of India's rarest species by directly linking tourism revenue from bird-watching & Nature tourism to conservation of these populations increase the capacity of the community to manage local tourism and maximize the revenues received.
  • The remoteness of certain areas can present security and logistical issues, therefore providing real time information & advise for visiors.
  • Maintain link of regular flow of information between local & potential visitors. ( which have been a prime issue of non- development of North East Sector ).
  • Generate local employment for people of the area.
  • Hunting has been a main conservation issue throughout NorthEast & there is almost no tribe involved in Local hunting practices, APACETS will running youth awareness camps from Time to time to make locals understand the economic & natural heritage value of the area.
  • APACETS tourism module is to make tribes as stakeholders in project which maximizes their returns & in return will be signing a " NO HUNTING AGREEMENT" with local community.

APACETS is registered in West Kameng district of Arunchal Pradesh , therefore our first Eco- Tourism initiative comes with our own locals.

Though we all are very well aware of Birding & Wildlife importance of Eagle Nest, These areas are recognized as Birding Hotspots of the World, yet very Few people are aware of Local tribe which has rights of these forest, There have been no attention give to Local tribe who are the ancestral owners of these prime sights.

Major part of Eagle Nest biodiversity areas comes under local tribe of "Shertukpen" with their community headquarters based at Rupa town close to Eagle nest . Eagle nest being one of the best birding sights in world for more than a Decade now & yet not a single awareness program is done with this community of people who are real owners & protectors of this pristine forest.