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Eagle's Nest Wildlife Sanctuary

Eagle's Nest Wildlife Sanctuary -(An unlimited treasure cove in terms of both birds and wildlife) is a protected area in Himalayan foothills located in west kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh. Eagle's nest Wildlife Sanctuary acquired its name from the Indian army regiment named "Eagle" stationed there years ago. One can see the abandoned military posts almost in ruins scattered along the road in the sanctuary. The road descends from highest point in the track Circa at 2900 m (Eagle nest pass to lama camp) northern border of the sanctuary to Brahmputra plains in the south & Sunderview, Bompu, sessni are the camps lying in the lower altitude. There is a jeep track passing through temperate cloud forest, dense strands of bamboo & patches of broadleaved evergreen forest covering large altitudinal range.

Eagle Nest's Wildlife Sanctuary prime draw is that it is considered amongst the topmost birding destinations in the World -a birding paradise ( some species found nowhere else in the country) with the checklist growing faster than the expectations of the birding enthusiasts. A unique feature of this sanctuary is that within itself the entire elevational range is covered containing all habitats and species. There is wealth of learning with the abundance of birds and wildlife in this zone free of noise with pristine woods.

There is abundance of bird species -about two dozen babbler, more than 20 types of warbler, sunbirds, flycatchers (ultramarine, slaty blue, white gorgeted,sapphire, dark sided), variety of woodpeckers, laughing thrush etc. Above all, a glimpse of Bugun liocichla ( new species to science recently discovered), Ward's tragon, Mrs. Gould's sunbird not only uplifts the mood but is considered a highlight in any bird watcher's checklist. Winter's in Eaglenest with lush evergreen forests & stunning landscapes is spectacularly beautiful. One encounter's birds like tawny wood owl, grey chinned minivet, mountain hawk eagle, Barbets ( 6 species), Partridge ( rufous throated & chestnut breated), Robin( golden bush & blue fronted), niltava, fulvettas, parrotbills ( 4 species) .

It is important to mention here that this enchanting area is accessible even during monsoon season. Few animals and some birds are visible only during this season.

Mainly targeted birds are Blythe's & Temincks tragopan, beautiful nuthatch, rufous necked hornbill, shortwings( lesser & white browed), wren babbler( wedge billed), Wards trogon etc.

Eagle's nest Wildlife Sanctuary is not only an exotic experience in birding but is also a photographer's delight . Pictures of some rare birds, butterflies and mammals can be quite exhilarating. It is also home for many species of amphibians, snakes & lizards, mammal species like Bengal Tiger,Clouded leopard, Red Panda, Arunachal Macaque, Gaur & endangered capped Langur. More than 160 species of butterflies have been recorded. It is truly a magical & mysterious land as one never knows what they may encounter during their visit because so much is yet to be explored. The rediscovery of Mictopholis ( Lizard species) after 130 years and the discovery of the Litter frog in Bompu region ( new species to science) recently in the year 2009 is testimony to this.